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easyJet to Offer AMEX Travellers Cheque card

has today announced that it is joining forces with American Express to launch an online travel money service. The airline will recommend the new American Express Travellers Cheque Card to its customers and accept the card as payment for bookings.
The American Express Travellers Cheque Card is the first prepaid, reloadable travel money card in the UK and this new arrangement provides easyJet customers with a new, convenient service to help make the planning of their journey on an even faster, efficient and easier process. This initiative not only enables easyJet customers to order American Express Cheque Card online, but also foreign currency and the traditional paper travellers cheques.

The new Card is a safe and convenient new way to carry money abroad as it combines the convenience of a payment card with the safety benefits of American Express Travellers Cheques.Ê The Card can be used at millions of merchants and ATMs worldwide that welcome American Express.Ê And like Travellers Cheques, if the Card is lost or stolen the balance on the Card can be returned, usually within 24 hours.

From today, the card will be available to all visitors to and accepted for easyJet bookings throughout Europe.

Hemant Desai, easyJet’s Head of Ancillary Revenue commented:
“This new arrangement is an exciting move for easyJet, it is the latest initiative as part of our ongoing commitment to deliver more functionality and choice to our customers. We are creating a one stop travel shop at and further developing the online experience”.

Jonathan Wood, UK sales director, American Express commented:
“We are delighted that easyJet has decided to offer its customers the new American Express Travellers Cheque Card.Ê The Card represents a new and straightforward way for travellers to carry their holiday money and they can remain confident that if the Card is lost or stolen, the balance can be returned, usually within 24 hours.


“The free reload facility on the Card, plus the fact that funds never expire, mean the Travellers Cheque Card is a flexible, hassle free solution for holiday money. It is convenient for all types of traveller, whether they go abroad several times a year or only once annually on a family holiday.”