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Marquis Jet Introduces a New Innovation

Marquis Jet, the recognized global
leader in private jet cards, today launched the 25-Hour Combination Card,
a unique new offering that gives Card Owners access to 12.5 hours in each
of two different NetJets aircraft types. The Company will offer two
different versions of the Cards, a Citation Excel/ Hawker 400XP
combination and a Citation X/ Citation Excel Card. The ability to combine these popular aircraft types into single cards is
made possible through Marquis Jet’s exclusive alliance with NetJets, the
worldwide leader in fractional jet ownership. With the world’s largest and
most diversified fleet of more than 500 aircraft, NetJets has the
necessary infrastructure to support this level of flexibility.

The new 25-Hour Combination Cards combine aircraft types with different
seating and baggage configurations, amenities and distance capabilities,
enabling a broad range of travel possibilities.

  25-Hour Combination Card options:

  Citation Excel/ Hawker 400XP

The Citation Excel/ Hawker 400XP Combination Card provides Jet Card Owners
with exposure to the newly arrived Hawker 400XP while also making
available access to the larger-body Citation Excel, a popular light-cabin


Citation X/ Citation Excel

The Citation X/ Citation Excel Combination Card reflects the enormous
popularity of these two aircraft types. This Combination Card provides the
fastest private aircraft available, the Citation X, for your long-range
trips while offering you the Citation Excel for shorter trips.

“We thank our Jet Card Owners for providing the valuable feedback that led
to the creation of these new products,” said Kenny Dichter, Marquis Jet’s
CEO. “The Combination Card is the perfect solution for those whose travel
needs are varied. For instance, they can take the smaller jet for quick
business trips and take the larger one for a trip with family and friends.”

The Marquis Jet fleet is provided by NetJets through an exclusive alliance
between the two companies. NetJets, a Berkshire Hathaway Inc. company, is
the worldwide leader in fractional jet ownership. NetJets owns the world’s
largest and most diversified fleet of more than 500 aircraft, staffs 2,800
highly trained and experienced pilots, and provides the world’s safest and
most secure private aviation travel solutions.