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US Airways Chairman Comments on Labor Agreement

US Airways Group,
Inc. Chairman David G. Bronner said this evening that with ratification of
new labor agreements by all the airline’s unions now complete, the airline
has “a strong tail wind” to help it complete its plan for emerging from
Chapter 11 protection. Bronner said that with a competitive labor cost structure in place, the US
Airways franchise is strengthened as it seeks to compete amidst the
proliferation of low fares and low-cost airlines now dominating the
industry is competitive environment. “US Airways has loyal customers who
want to see the company succeed, a strong tradition of service in major
markets, and a proud group of employees that have demonstrated their
ability to overcome challenges.

“We knew that the process of securing concessions from employees would be
difficult, but we also knew that our employees recognize that the sweeping
changes taking place in the industry required us to make changes as well,”
said Bronner. “Every union has worked with us to find creative solutions
that reduce our costs and preserve jobs, pay and benefits as much as
possible, and those efforts and sacrifices are recognized and respected by
the board and the management team. No one likes making concessions, but
the outlook for the US Airways is much brighter now that we have secured
these new labor agreements and the public discussion about the airline is
much more optimistic.”