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DFW International Airport Reaches Safety Milestone

International Airport has been recognized by the FAA Southwest Region
Office for its safety performance over the past year—the FAA found DFW
in full compliance with all federal rules and regulations, with zero
discrepancies for the fourth consecutive year. More than 300 Airport
employees are involved in DFW’s safety operations every day. “This is the first time in the history of the Airport that we have
attained zero flaws for four consecutive years,” said Jim Crites,
Executive Vice President of Operations. “We want to be known as the best
at everything and the best place to start is with safety.”

The inspection certification requires that the Air Operations Area
infrastructure, marking, lighting, Notices to Airmen, airport
self-inspection process, notification process, emergency response
capability, flight operations support, personnel performance and training
are all in compliance. The annual FAA Airport Certification Inspection
under Federal Airline Regulation Part 139 is to ensure safe flight.

“These are ongoing inspections that the Airport is expected to pass with
little or no notification from the FAA, and we have attained the best
possible result each of the last four years,” said Fort Worth Mayor Mike
Moncrief. “The safety of our airport is of utmost importance to all of us.”

“We must continue to press ourselves to be the best for our passengers,
airlines and the surrounding community,” said Dallas Mayor Laura Miller.
“This may be a routine annual inspection for the FAA but this is our
number one task everyday. We can not lose sight or diminish the work that
our Operations staff does.”

DFW is inspected on a yearlong continuous basis that takes into account
the airports size and flight volume. With more than 800,000 annual flight
operations, Airport staff works hard to be in compliance at all times. The
safety of the public is of the highest importance to all Airport staff.


“The FAA will watch our fire department drill, inspect our landing
stripes, ensure that our lights work, make sure that the taxiways are
smooth—it’s a complex process and we are proud to have again completed
it flawlessly,” said Allen Parra, A.A.E., Vice President of Operations at
DFW International Airport. “We work hard year round to make sure we are
always the safest airport we can be and we are very proud of this
unprecedented record.”