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ACTE Expands European Presence with New Partnerships

As part of its 2005 strategy to broaden its global presence, the Association of Corporate Travel Executives (ACTE) today announced it is joining forces with leading local European organizations to help expand the discussion on key issues affecting their respective regions.

Caption: Christoph Klenner, a public affairs consultant at PrismaAfter co-organising its Brussels Forum with the Belgian Association of Travel Managers, ACTE is teaming up with two prestigious associations, BME (Bundesverband Materialwirtschaft Einkauf und Logistik) and BM?- (Bundesverband Materialwirtschaft, Einkauf und Logistik ?-sterreich), at its Berlin Executive Forum, scheduled Feb. 21-22.

The Berlin Executive Forum entitled “Travel Management in a Procurement Environment: Opportunity and Threat to your Business Role,” will address the ongoing integration between travel management and procurement departments. In an attempt to tame travel expenses, companies are increasingly relying on procurement disciplines to direct travel purchasing.
Alexander Stendal, a Board Member from the German Bundesverband Materialwirtschaft Einkauf und Logistik (BME) will contribute to a panel session, while the Austrian Bundesverband Materialwirtschaft, Einkauf und Logistik ?-sterreich (BM?-) is promoting the event to its own members. Panel representatives from both the procurement and travel management sides will lead a discussion on best practices for sourcing and managing corporate travel procurement.

“Both procurement and travel specialists will gain from this ACTE - BME collaboration for the ACTE Berlin Forum,” said Stendal. “We in the Procurement Department realise that we must acquire specific skills when purchasing business travel services. Similarly, Travel Procurement specialists are increasingly turning to procurement methods to optimise their processes.”

The Berlin Executive Forum will present ACTE members with the opportunity to discuss the impact of EU enlargement to many Central and Eastern states. Participants from Germany and neighbouring countries, as well as attendees from the new EU member states will share their experiences and discuss how procurement practices can be successfully applied to business travel purchasing. Security experts, both Eastern and Western European, will be on hand to discuss concerns in the region. Forum delegates also will take part in a multi-perspective discussion on hotel distribution. Finally, industry pundits will examine the increasing complexity of air fares, including challenges surrounding yield management and IATA regulations.


“Many corporations have outsourced services to Eastern and Central European states just like they did in the past to countries such as Ireland. In Berlin I will tell ACTE delegates how this will contribute to the future shape of the travel industry in the CEE region,” said Christoph Klenner, a public affairs consultant at Prisma. “The EC’s expansion impacts the travel industry in a dramatic way. Legislation, security, extension of the open market, financial viability of low-cost airlines are all matters that everyone involved in travel procurement in Europe should be familiarised with.”

Berlin’s Forum participants will also learn how the low cost carrier Air Berlin is targeting Business Travel. Mr. Carsten Kröger the airline’s sales director will reveal how he sees the company future expansion as an increasing number of business travellers are seen on flying on no thrilled airlines.

ACTE President and Executive Level Sponsors are providing ACTE with high level visibility at the upcoming London Business Travel Show. Representative sponsors will be on hand to answer corporations’ questions about the association’s initiatives and on-going programs, and provide interested professionals with information packs. The collaborative approach to drive membership demonstrates a renewed commitment by the industry to highlight ACTE as the leading global business travel association.

ACTE will offer corporates joining the association with a free registration to a forum in EMEA. ACTE also will announce its 2005 educational program, which culminate next October with its Global Conference in London.