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Red Sail expand on 15th anniversary

In a bid to serve its client base further, and in light of it’s 15th anniversary, Red Sail Sports managing director, Peter de Hoop has announced that, “to mark the milestone of our 15th anniversary, we wanted to better serve our growing base of new and returning customers. The best way to accomplish that was to purchase a new dive boat that would expand our capabilities by 50%.“Aptly named the ‘Biba Bon’ meaning to “live well” in Papiamento, the boat is a sister to their other Pro 48 dive boat, the ‘Pasa Bon’ meaning “to have a good time.” The Pro 48 is the industry’s preeminent dive boat. Known for its expansive and open cockpit, quality craftsmanship, incredible maneuverability and running characteristics, the Pro 48 elevates diving to a whole new level.

Measuring 48 feet in length, and featuring a 16 foot beam, the Biba Bon boasts an open deck space to comfortably accommodate 30 divers. “Since Red Sail Sports limits its dive trips to 24,” adds de Hoop, “this can provide divers with even more room.” The bow offers a comfortable area for sightseeing and sun bathing. Twin drop down ladders, marine head and a fresh water rinse shower are all standard features of this luxurious dive boat. In addition, cold beverages, fresh fruit, tanks, weights and belts are provided on all dives.

Aruba boasts some of the best shipwreck diving in all of the Caribbean. Interesting coral formations are found from shallow water to depths of 80 to 100 feet with an abundance of exotic marine life.