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Hotwire Announces Revenue Management Education Program announced that it has selected Phoenix-based Aspire as their partner for a
groundbreaking educational program designed to foster cooperative
partnerships with hotels and resorts around the world. Hotwire Revenue
Improvement Powered by Aspire will be presented to hotel and resort
managers in 30 cities globally in 2005. The Hotwire program will utilize
Aspire’s expertise in the area of revenue maximization/management and will
provide education on 1) the value of a guest obtained through an opaque
channel, and how to turn them into loyal customers, and 2) creating more
wallet share for the hotel for each converted guest.

As a large and growing opaque distribution channel, Hotwire has stepped
out as a leader and innovator in the industry with this new program.
Hotwire Revenue Improvement Powered by Aspire demonstrates the company’s
vision and commitment to reverse the prevalent perception that electronic
distribution companies are at odds with the hotel industry.

In seeking ways to support and benefit hotels, Hotwire searched out a
third-party expert to help them develop and deliver a program that would
show that Hotwire can actually bring incremental dollars and customers to
make money to its hotel partners, rather than robbing the hotels of market
share. Aspire was selected by Hotwire because of its reputation with
hoteliers for innovative, revenue-enhancing programs that consistently
produce high-powered results for hotel properties.