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Evason Phuket Resort Salutes some of it’s many Heroes

In the wake of the devastating Asian tsunami, the hosts of Evason Phuket Resort have joined countless numbers of their colleagues from the island’s many resorts, to provide services to rebuild their community.

While Phuket island fared better than nearby Phang Nga on the mainland, and Khao Lak - which is located some one hundred kilometers to the north of Phuket, pockets of devastation and severe loss of life did occur on the island. The fact that there were no fatalities at Evason Phuket is a blessing that encourages the hosts of the resort to give even more of themselves in the aftermath of the disaster.

The great effort put in by the resort’s hosts following the destruction makes them all heroes of the community. In addition, several hosts earned the laud of hero during the crisis:

On the morning of the tsunami, several resort guests waited on the jetty for the longtail shuttle boats to take them to the resort’s private beach on nearby Bon Island. Hosts on duty at Into Spirit Pool Bar - Manit and Sompong - saw the tsunami wave approaching the shore and rushed down to the receding waters to alert those waiting. Climbing through a wire fence and over the side of the infinity pool, they rescued a male guest who had been buffeted by the first wave. They removed their shirts to dress his wounded leg. They then managed to secure the safety of the man’s wife and child before the jetty was swept away by the wave.

Shuttle boat Bon-2, skippered by Thanongsak, had just delivered guests to Bon Island and was returning to the resort’s jetty when it was noticed that the sea was receding. Sport Supervisor Warin, Bon-1 skipper Prasith and his colleague Prayad, were busy preparing life jackets for the passengers and did not notice the wave until it hit, smashing Bon-1 against the jetty and knocking a female guest into the churning water. Activity Director, Theerawat, jumped into the sea to rescue the guest while Skipper Warin maneuvered Bon-2 to pick up the woman’s two children plus a member of the dive centre who had been knocked into the waters.


More than 80% of Phuket’s resorts are operational, and the hosts of Evason Phuket Resort join with those of the other resorts to welcome your return and support.