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Worldchoice Produces Industry Technology Review

Worldchoice has produced its first comprehensive review of the technology available to agents. The purpose of the review is to cut through the myriad of options and present impartial advice on what is best suited to an individual travel agent’s business.
The review, which is in direct response to requests from members, provides a comprehensive evaluation of the systems available to members, including views from suppliers, members and Worldchoice technology staff.

The first of the quarterly ‘Which’ type reports has focussed on connectivity systems such as ADSL, leased lines, ISDN and dial-up to connect to Viewdata reservation and the internet; multi-operator search and booking systems; and front and back office systems.


Tim Killeen, Worldchoice’s technology manager explains: “Technology plays such a crucial part to the success of a business, and yet the options can be a minefield especially with an ever-changing marketplace. Therefore it can take an inordinate amount of time to find the best option - time that many agents just do not have.

“With this review members will be able to see the information presented in an uncomplicated way so they can make critical decisions far easier. The report includes information from members who are already using particular systems and products, which will also be invaluable to the suppliers.”



The Technology Review is free to Worldchoice members.