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Malaysia Airlines Donates and Steps up Relief

In response to the devastating Tsunamis that hit South Asia, Malaysia Airlines has pledged RM 200,000.00 to the National Disaster Relief Fund.
The donation will be channeled through the New Straits Times, Berita Harian, TV3 & TV8/Malaysian Tsunami Disaster Fund.

The national airline has also activated several relief initiatives in co-operation with the Malaysian government as well as Non-Government Organisations (NGOs), both in Malaysia and abroad to assist passengers and others affected by this calamity.

On 27 December 2004, Malaysia Airlines operated an extra flight to Phuket to airlift 37 passengers to Kuala Lumpur, who were stranded on the Thai island when the airport there was closed briefly on 26 December 2004. Malaysia Airlines sent a team of five staff volunteers to Phuket on the extra flight to assist passengers there expedite their travel out of the island.

The national airline has teamed up with Yayasan Salam, a Malaysian volunteer association, to fly aid personnel and relief supplies to tsunami-affected locations for relief work. A team of 7 Yayasan Salam volunteers has been sent to Medan on Malaysia Airlines’ flight MH864 to assist tsunami victims in Acheh, Indonesia, and the airline will be providing similar ongoing support to Yayasan Salam volunteers who will soon be assigned to other affected countries.

Malaysia Airlines is also working with the Malaysian Red Crescent Society towards establishing similar understanding with volunteer associations in other countries for relief work in the affected areas outside Malaysia.


The carrier’s cargo division, MASkargo, is providing complimentary freight transportation on its global network for medical and charity supplies to be sent to its destinations at the affected areas.

MASkargo is also providing logistic support for transportation of medical and relief supplies for tsunami victims in Perak, Kedah and Penang either by air or using trucks operated by its’ subsidiary, Pengangkutan Kargo Udara MAS Sdn Bhd (PKUM).Ê

Members of the public who wish to participate or enquire further on the above initiatives can contact Malaysia Airlines’ 24-hours numbers +603 85252140/1.

In addition, Malaysia Airlines has launched a donations drive amongst its 21,000 staff systemwide. Proceeds will be disbursed to various organizations involved in disaster relief activities in the affected areas.

Meanwhile, Malaysia Airlines passengers already ticketed to tsunami-affected locations, namely Medan, Phuket, Chennai, Colombo and Maldives and who have yet to perform their journeys shall be given the following options:

? Full refund with waiver of penalty and cancellation fee charges
? Deferment of travel till 31 January 2005 at not extra charge
? Alternative travel to other locations in the same countries by 31 January 2005 at either no additional cost or at nominal additional charges, depending on alternative Malaysia Airlines’ destinations preferred by customers