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Finnair Evacuates Over 2,600

Finnair’s series of evacuation flights, which began Sunday, 26 December, and completed 2 January when those Finns who wanted to leave the area had returned home. With its ten evacuation flights and one ambulance flight, Finnair evacuated 2,351 passengers in addition to the hundreds of Finns who have returned on numerous scheduled flights. In addition, Finnair evacuated over 200 other nationals, mostly Swedes and Norwegians. Finnair also sent aid staff, supplies and a field hospital to the crisis area.
“The scope of this catastrophe is beyond words. The whole personnel of Finnair Group is deeply shocked and shares the sorrow of next-of-kin and friends of those injured or lost in this tragedy. Finnair staff have not been spared and our thoughts are with those who have suffered. We want to support them in all possible ways and we will do our utmost to help those in need,” says Finnair President and CEO Keijo Suila.

“This crew and aircraft logistically very challenging and extensive evacuation operation was begun immediately on Sunday and Finnair provided a medical team and supplies already for the first direct flight to Phuket,” Suila continued.Ê