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China Southern Freighter Airlift to Sri Lanka

China Southern Airlines the largest airline in The People’s Republic of China has made an emergency 747-400 freight airlift of food, medicines and clothing to Sri Lanka. “This terribly tragedy has affected everyone at China Southern and our thoughts and prayers go out to the thousands of people in Sri Lanka who have suffered through this horrible crisis,” said Mr. Li Kun, Executive Vice President, China Southern Airlines.

Mr. Li added that, “This emergency airlift by our 747-400 freighter was arranged by the CAAC as part of China’s response to this unprecedented tidal wave disaster and we are pleased that we could do our part and add to our nation’s response to this catastrophe.”

The China Southern 747-400 freighter was taken off-line from its normal twice weekly service between Chicago and Shanghai & Shenzhen, China, and pressed into crisis mode by Sunday’s extraordinary disaster. The supply-laden freighter aircraft touched down late Tuesday in Columbo.

All facets of China Southern Airlines were pressed into operation for this urgent shipment of emergency supplies, including the airline’s ultra-modern System Operations Control Center at the new Baiyun International Airport which coordinated all air logistics and country clearance approvals to fly the airline’s 747 freighter from Beijing to Columbo, Sri Lanka.