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Cathay Pacific launches HK$1 Million Disaster Relief Account

Cathay Pacific Airways today contributed HK$1 million to a bank account set up specifically for the “Cathay Pacific Southeast Asia Disaster Relief Fund”. In addition, the airline will match all donations made by its staff in Hong Kong and overseas during the first month of the fund’s operation.The fund was set up immediately in the aftermath of the tsunami tragedy of 26 December and already the airline’s staff have been contributing to help those in need. In just two days staff based at Cathay City, the airline’s headquarters in Hong Kong, donated more than HK$335,000.

Collections are being made in the airline’s offices in Hong Kong and around the world. All money collected will go directly to the Hong Kong Red Cross to help with that organisation’s relief efforts in the affected countries.

Cathay Pacific is also making contributions to the relief effort in other ways, including providing complementary transportation for the shipment of aid donated by the company and various charities. The airline’s Inflight Services Department has donated blankets while its Corporate Medical Department has teamed together with the company’s healthcare provider, Quality HealthCare Medical Services, to donate medical essentials.

The airline also thanks its passengers who are contributing to the relief effort by donating to the UNICEF “Change for Good” fundraising programme. Between now and the end of March, all donations collected through “Change For Good” will go to help those affected by the disaster. Special announcements are being made on the aircraft to inform passengers.