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Newark Liberty Prepares for Passenger Growth

The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey Board of Commissioners
has approved nearly $280 million to modernise Terminal B and related facilities at Newark Liberty International Airport.  This program will
enable the airport to accommodate a projected increase in air
passengers within the next 15 years.
Long-range forecasts indicate that air traffic will continue to grow
at the airport and reach 45 million annual air passengers by 2021. 
The airport currently serves approximately 32 million annual

Improvements will be made to provide for additional ticketing areas,
expansion of the existing ticketing areas, passenger screening points
and the construction of a new domestic baggage claim area, which will
allow greater efficiency for the screening process and baggage
handling.  The Port Authority expects to begin the planning and design
in 2005.

Port Authority Chairman Anthony R. Coscia said: “Among the many things
we have delivered to our customers are two new parking garages,
AirTrain Newark, three enhanced and expanded terminals, new cargo
facilities, roadway improvements that create better access for
vehicles, and runway improvements that increase efficiency for
aircraft.  Thoughtful planning today will lead to great improvements tomorrow at Newark Liberty International Airport, enabling us to be
prepared to meet projected passenger growth in the future.”

Port Authority Executive Director Kenneth J. Ringler Jr. said: “This
project will complement the $3.8 billion we have already invested in
our airport redevelopment program to enhance and improve operations
and services at Newark Liberty International Airport.  Over the last
10 years, the Port Authority has invested approximately $15 billion at all of our airports in an effort to bring our customers the best in
world-class service.”