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Electronic Travel Center Reaches Completion

Budget Hotels Network,
Inc. announces that its Business Plan to develop an
electronic travel center (ETC) has been completed. The final component of
the Plan was the acquisition of “spatial navigation” software. Info Center, Inc., Budget Hotels’ operating subsidiary, has obtained the
exclusive right to use and/or distribute this new and unique software from
Wise Village Inc. The exclusive right is limited to the hospitality
industry, which encompasses all transportation and related lodging,
entertainment and dining venues, worldwide.

Each new ETC will include one or more “touch-screen” interfaces, telephone
handsets, credit/debit card readers, receipt/coupon printers and WiFi
transceivers. It is anticipated that through an ETC’s electronic
components, significant additional revenue streams will be generated for
the Company.

Most of today’s cyber-based digital applications use text-based technology
to permit the transfer of information and the buying and selling of goods
and services. Although this historical approach to navigation continues to
improve, it will always remain one-dimensional and cannot present content
in the same way that our brains process information in the physical world.

“Spatial navigation” software assembles and presents information visually.
Users intuitively navigate on-screen in the same way that they navigate
through physical space. But, instead of using their feet to walk from
store to store, they use a finger on a touch screen or move a mouse to
“click” on areas of interest. Users browse through graphic renderings of
content that appear three-dimensional and vibrant. This more human-like
experience allows users to search for, view information and transact
business much faster and easier than having to select a language and then,
read through text-based directories.

A large network of electronic travel centers will be created by the
replacement of Budget Hotels’ advertising boards with its new ETCs. The
Company’s 86, twenty year old boards are deployed under exclusive
contracts in Amtrak, Via Rail, New York and New Jersey’s Port Authority
and Greyhound bus stations, located in major cities throughout North


Further expansion of the ETC network will be accomplished by offering the
Company’s unique software and operating system to owners of kiosks and
automated teller machines, deployed in venues frequented by travelers, in
return for a share of their revenue.

The software will also be incorporated in the travel center’s new Web
Site, which is currently under construction, so that the user experience
will be the same whether encountered from home, office, portable device or
ETC network kiosk.