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Travelers Advantage Delivers Lower Online Prices

Travelers Advantage delivered a
lower online price for travel to 50 top destinations nine out of 10 times
when compared to Priceline, Expedia, and Travelocity, the membership-based
travel service said today. Travelers Advantage based the claim on a
48-week comparison, through November 2004, of total air transportation
costs for round trip flights between more than 50 frequently booked pairs
of cities. “ delivered the lowest purchasable price to
consumers more than 90 percent of the time thus far in 2004, and consumers
can take advantage of these great fares just in time for the holidays,”
said Travelers Advantage Vice President Julia Ryan. “Each week we compared
ourselves to Priceline, Expedia, and Travelocity for travel between cities
that include New York and London; Denver and Los Angeles; Los Angeles and
Denver; Newark, N.J. and Las Vegas; and Newark and Orlando, Fla.

“Our price comparison is based on the actual price consumers pay,” she
added. “We included airport fees, taxes and other fees as well as the
service fees imposed by the competing travel agencies to present an
accurate comparison of the full cost of flying between two cities.”

As part of its comprehensive comparison of air transportation costs to the
most popular cities, Travelers Advantage has launched a new Travelers
Advantage Travel Monitor that will compare average airfare prices and
showcase the top travel destinations. Thus far in 2004, online round-trip
airfare prices to the top 10 travel markets have averaged $320, according
to a comprehensive study from Cendant Retail Travel Services. The top 10
travel markets in 2004 have been New York to Fort Lauderdale, Fla.; New
York to Port- au-Prince, Haiti; Los Angeles to Dallas; Philadelphia to
Orlando, Fla.; New York to Los Angeles; Seattle to Honolulu; New York to
Orlando, Fla.; New York to San Juan, Puerto Rico; Boston to Fort
Lauderdale, Fla; and Los Angeles to New York. Look for additional issues
of this travel monitor in 2005.