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Bombardier Gift Card from Bombardier Skyjet

Bombardier Skyjet, the premier
service for booking private business jets and a unit of Bombardier
Aerospace, is offering today’s ultimate status symbol—private jet
travel—as a gift card for those who want to share the gift of luxury,
convenience and comfort this holiday season. The Bombardier Learjet Gift Card from Bombardier Skyjet offers five hours
of flight time in a Bombardier Learjet from any of 5,000 airports in the
continental United States. The fortunate few who receive the Bombardier
Learjet Gift Card will be treated to a bottle of champagne as part of
their onboard catering along with complimentary limousine service.

The gift card offers many of the benefits of Bombardier Skyjet’s Premier
Fleet jet card, normally offered in increments of 25, 50 and 100 hours of
flight. Benefits include guaranteed travel with an advanced reservation,
no additional deadhead charges for one-way travel, and no charges for
repositioning of aircraft. The flat-rate prices of the gift card are
inclusive of all taxes, fees and fuel charges.

The five-hour Bombardier Learjet Gift Card from Bombardier Skyjet is
available at a price of $22,000 for five hours of travel on a light
Bombardier Learjet or $32,000 for five hours of travel on a mid-size
Bombardier Learjet. The card may be used for one-way trips or round-trip
travel, and it may be used for a single flight or multiple trips. Complete
details may be found at

“If good things come in small packages, great gifts also come in small
increments,” said Angela Ferragamo, Marketing Director, Bombardier Skyjet.
“The five-hour Bombardier Learjet Gift Card is a wonderful gift for
friends, family and employees who deserve a really special treat,” she

“Private jet travel has become the ultimate status symbol, not just for
the glamour but for the practical reasons of being able to avoid crowded
airports, long lines, inconvenient schedules, non-direct itineraries,
packed flights and hours of wasted time,” she noted.


Bombardier Skyjet, which pioneered the mega-broker segment of the business
aviation industry when it launched the first real-time booking engine for
private business jets, has continued to experience tremendous growth in
volume and market share in 2004, thanks to the success of its flagship
Premier Fleet jet card.