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Strike Ballots Go Out at US Airways

Following up on its threat to launch
a nationwide strike in the event that one of its contracted airlines
abrogates its collective bargaining agreement, the Association of Flight
Attendants-CWA today mailed out more than 5,000 strike authorization
ballots to its members employed by US Airways.“This is a wakeup call to those in airline management whose greed has far
outpaced its carrier’s need,” declared Patricia Friend, AFA international
president. “Flight attendants will not passively stand by while their
employers manipulate the courts to destroy our livelihoods. Enough is

Two of the nation’s largest airlines, United Airlines and US Airways, have
asked federal bankruptcy courts for permission to unilaterally tear up
negotiated agreements with their workers, terminate their retirement plans
and attack medical benefits for retirees. In response to this threat, the
AFA Board of Directors last week approved a resolution calling for a
strike should management engage in this form of “self-help.” Such a job
action would be in the form of CHAOS(TM) (Create Havoc Around Our System),
AFA’s trademarked tactic of surprise work stoppages on flights, dates and
locations of its choosing.

Talks between AFA and US Airways aimed at reaching a consensual agreement
took place this past week and are continuing over the weekend.

Ballots are being prepared for United Airlines, ATA and Hawaiian as well.
In the event of a strike, secondary activity may take place at other