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AMEX Poll Identifies Strategies for Successful Adoption of Online Travel Programs

A new poll of American Express Business Travel’s largest clients indicated that employee communication and proper management of the transition to online booking are the most critical factors in online booking program success.Ê The poll of more than thirty-five of American Express’s largest global clients found that 28 percent of these companies felt change management was most critical to online booking success, followed closely by 26 percent of respondents who highlighted booking tool functionality as the key variable for success.

“Implementing a global online booking program isn’t like flipping a switch.Ê Online booking isn’t worth much if employees don’t use it.Ê Adoption is essential, but getting there is a challenging process requiring an experienced, committed partner,” said Jeanne Young, Global Travel Manager, Honeywell International. “American Express has been extremely helpful in driving online adoption by promoting clear communication with employees and focusing on building support for the program company-wide.”

More than half of the companies that participated in the poll (54 percent) said that transaction cost savings are their top priority in expanding their online booking program, followed by 21 percent who said they are expanding their program to decrease overall average ticket prices.Ê In addition, 54 percent of the companies polled said that they had selected a single global booking tool for all of their online booking needs.Ê


American Express Business Travel’s Vice President of Global Marketing, Marcy Shinder, commented, “This research clearly identifies two points. One, sophisticated global organizations recognize the significant savings that can be achieved by leveraging online booking tools.Ê Two, widespread adoption is required, which takes sustained effort and expertise.Ê For large, global organizations this requires a systematic, comprehensive effort and a deep understanding of how to drive online adoption.Ê As online booking continues its worldwide expansion, we anticipate an even greater corporate focus on change management and adoption to lock in transaction cost savings.”Ê Ê