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Accovia Announces PMS Integrator

Accovia today announces the availability of its Property Management System (PMS) Integrator for the company’s Selling System Platform and Logitours Classic. The PMS Integrator enables travel packagers to exchange booking information with a hotel PMS and confirm specific room availability in real-time. The PMS Integrator enhances Accovia’s comprehensive Travel Package Management technology solution for procuring, distributing and managing hotel travel components online.

“The ability to procure, distribute and update hotel inventory in real-time while still protecting allotments can directly increase travel packagers’ revenue and customer service”, said Claude Guay, president and chief executive officer of Accovia. “Travel Packagers who are moving forward with XML technologies based on OpenTravel Alliance (OTA) specifications will realize significant flexibility and speed to market advantages.”

The Accovia PMS Integrator is a Web Service based on XML technology and OTA specifications. It facilitates the integration of hotel PMS applications into the Accovia Selling System Platform and Logitours Classic.

The PMS Integrator supports inbound XML messages to book, modify, cancel and update hotel room inventory and existing bookings inside the package management system from the PMS. Simultaneously, an appropriate corresponding outbound message notifies the hotel PMS to block or release a room. The ability to confirm and cancel specific room numbers is a value-add function for packagers and property operators who offer a variety of accommodations such as hotel rooms, apartments, condominiums, and timeshares.