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Mobissimo Launches New Online Travel Resource

Mobissimo today marked its official launch, ending a tremendously successful
public beta in which 850,000 users performed more than 1.7 million travel
searches. In addition to searching the best fares for flights and hotels
Mobissimo today has added a new Car Search service. Mobissimo is a
next-generation online travel solution, searching 80 consolidators, budget
carriers, major airlines, and international sites to deliver information
from hundreds of airline, hotel and car rental providers.

Mobissimo’s mission is to improve the way consumers find travel
information by offering a completely transparent tool with which to search
the Web for flights, hotels and car rentals. Founded by native Europeans,
Mobissimo delivers the most comprehensive international travel
information, often finding fares for a mere fraction the cost of
traditional domestic providers.

Mobissimo’s power is in its technology, which uses real-time, dynamic
search to find the best travel deals from around the globe and around the
web. Mobissimo’s travel search engine is built on a flexible platform that
allows the company to add new travel Web sites very quickly and easily,
unlike other meta travel search engines. Mobissimo’s co-founder and
President of Technology Svetlozar Nestorov was an integral part of
Stanford Labs’ data mining group, the same organization that spawned

“Mobissimo channels technology to make finding online travel deals fast
and easy for consumers,” said Nestorov. “Our technology combines a blend
of proprietary techniques and algorithms spanning information integration,
information extraction, and data mining, inspired by 10 years of research
experience at Stanford University and University of Chicago.”

According to a recent report by JupiterResearch, the online travel
industry is growing rapidly and now represents 23 percent of all domestic
travel sales. Further, U.S. online travel revenue is expected to reach $54
billion in 2004, up 20 percent from 2003. As the market grows, Mobissimo
will play a critical role in helping consumers navigate the increasing
number of online travel providers.


“Mobissimo represents a unique solution for both consumers and travel
providers,” said Mobissimo co-founder and CEO Beatrice Tarka. “Users
benefit by having an impartial search tool, while travel providers benefit
because Mobissimo delivers qualified buyers directly to their most cost
effective distribution channel—their own Web site.”

The next release of Mobissimo will further transform the landscape of
online travel when it unveils Activity Search early next. Mobissimo’s
proprietary Activity Search technology allows users to perform flexible
searches such as “San Francisco to beach,” which will return results to
Hawaii, Mexico, San Diego, Jamaica or other tropical destinations
depending on the users’ travel dates, budget and other preferences.

Mobissimo plans international expansion in the first quarter of 2005 with
the launch of select foreign languages.