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TQ3 UK Rolls Out Comprehensive Training Facility

UK has launched an innovative and comprehensive staff training facility, based at its Farringdon office in London.  This resource will provide and facilitate training throughout the company in the UK, some forty locations nationwide.  The Training Academy offers a combination of training on TQ3 UK’s technology and solutions as well as the industry standard requirements.  The combination of training will increase the level of proficiency of current staff and the knowledge uptake by new recruits, as well as assisting staff to develop even further and gain qualifications. 

For new Staff into TQ3 a 4-12 week long Induction Programme has been set-up, time scales are dependant on previous experience and knowledge.  This programme ensures that every new starter in TQ3 UK is fully trained on all areas of the Business and the Travel Industry as a whole.

This month will also see TQ3 UK roll out its first internal training course on Fares and Ticketing.  This two level course and qualification forms part of the GBTA management course.  TQ3 UK will roll out level one in both November and December and level two in both February and March.  Traditionally, TQ3 UK outsourced this training, however the training team have gained the necessary qualifications to enable them to deliver this training. 

The five day fares and ticketing courses which include an exam on the final day, have been personalised further by TQ3 UK, where the first day concentrates solely on Net Fares Training.

Another initiative has been realised by TQ3 UK, with the development of 1 day courses on ‘Business Improvement’.  These courses will also roll out this month and concentrate predominantly on back office systems.  It is anticipated that this training will dramatically increase Consultant awareness of the ‘behind the scenes’ administration and assist in reducing the element of human error with regard to system functionality, therefore increasing productivity and reducing costs further.


The ‘Modern Apprentice Programme’, has also been established by TQ3 UK.  This is a Government funded youth training scheme for 16-20 year old school leavers.  It provides an NVQ qualification at the end of a 2 year Programme.  There are ten places on this scheme and it is planned that all recruits will be in place by December of this year.

TQ3 UK Managing Director, Alan Spence, states ‘The development of the ‘Training Academy’ reflects TQ3 UK’s commitment with regards to the importance of staff satisfaction, in relation to their training and development needs.  The facility actively encourages all staff to take advantage of the training and personal development on offer. TQ3 UK now has an established and rewarding environment within the Company in which to deliver effective and relevant training programmes. 

‘There has been a lot of speculation lately with regard to the lack of graduate level travel industry training courses on offer within the UK.  TQ3 UK has however created a facility which offers training and development across all levels, be it school leaver, the advanced Travel Consultant or Senior Management.’

Spence enthuses further, ‘We have tested the TQ3 UK ‘Training Academy’ on a sample of TQ3 UK branches and locations in Scotland.  This was a huge success, with staff eagerly awaiting the new in-house training and showing a genuine commitment to personal development.’