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Anguilla launch ‘Charming Escapes’

Ben Kilbey in LondonDonna Banks, Anguilla’s Special Assistant of Tourism Coordination, has spoken enthusiastically of a new program that has been devised in order to boost visitor numbers to the islands smaller and mid-market accommodations. The scheme, called ‘Charming Escapes’, was showcased at CTC in Aruba last month.“This is very exciting as it is the first time that we are actively seeking to ensure that our budget and mid market properties are promoted. We are doing this in a way that visitors will still get the Anguilla experience - but this doesn’t mean we are trying to bring all of the properties up to a five star standard.”

Anguilla is famed for its luxurious accommodations, noted as some of the finest in the Caribbean. ‘Charming Escapes’ is a collection of 16 properties and it will look at upgrading and enhancing what is on offer at the featured hotels and bed-sits.

“We will be using the Butterfly-by-Design enhancement program in order to benefit the featured properties. This will make sure that when the visitor comes and stays they will get the Anguilla experience. For example, none of the featured properties have spas but we are working with local spas to supply a ‘mobile spa’ service - this means that the visitor can have spa services on the beach, or in their rooms,” said Banks.

Anguilla is experiencing growth at present and so program’s such as this can only assist with visitor numbers. Anguilla’s Director of Tourism Amelia Vanterpool-Kubish indicated that, “arrivals are up by 22 percent - this has been a very positive year. There is already a good indication of a positive winter, we are looking forward to a good season.”

A website for ‘Charming Escapes’ will be launched in the next 3-6 months.