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CHA launch inaugural UK-edition of Gold Book

Ben Kilbey in LondonThe Caribbean Hotel Association (CHA) has launched its inaugural UK-edition of the Caribbean Gold Book - sometimes referred to as the travel agents ‘bible’ to the Caribbean. The book is in its 20th year of publication and is a 260+ page directory covering all 36 destinations within the region.The Caribbean is a diverse region and it is publications such as Gold Book that really assist travel agents in deciding which island is the best for a specific client. As Bahamas Director of Tourism - Vincent Vanderpool-Wallace points out; “from top to bottom the Bahamas are larger then the state of Florida with a population bigger then that of the country of Canada.”

Each island has its own flavour and unique selling point - the Gold Book will help highlight this.

The book is published by Gold Book Publishing - the publishing arm of the CHA. It will be distributed to every travel agency in the UK. The UK addition will feature a 24-page front section to help agents learn how to use the book.

“This is a significant step forward for CHA and its member hotels, as the Caribbean Gold Book will now have coverage of almost all travel agencies in the UK, USA and Canada,” explained publish Tim Grace. “There is no other reference source that provides so much Caribbean-specific information,” he added.