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2 New Appointments for Amadeus

Amadeus today announced two top-management
appointments. Frédéric Bessis and Francisco Pérez-Lozao join Amadeus’
seventeen most senior executives as they become vice presidents, effective
from 1 November. Frédéric and Francisco will report directly to Philippe
Chérèque, Senior Vice President, Corporate Strategy. 
José-Antonio Tazón, President and CEO of Amadeus, said of the appointments,
“Frédéric and Francisco have contributed enormously to Amadeus’ evolution
and we are delighted to recognise this at a time when Amadeus enters an
exciting new phase of our lifecycle, as we mature into the travel industry’s
chosen technology provider.” 

Francisco Perez-Lozao, Vice President, Business Development and Mergers and
Acquisitions is responsible for analysing and driving new business
opportunities for Amadeus and supporting the definition of the company’s
overall strategy. New business opportunities under Mr. Perez-Lozao’s remit
include equity partnerships and joint ventures; Francisco recently oversaw
the purchase of Opodo, the pan-European online travel portal.

Frédéric Bessis,  Vice President, Product and Technology Strategic Planning,
coordinates the functional and technical evolution of the Amadeus system
within Amadeus’ overall company strategy ensuring that it is aligned with
Amadeus’ overall business strategy. In this role, he also assesses and
develops opportunities for new products and technology. Frédéric has spent
fourteen years working with Amadeus’ technology and, with this promotion,
will increasingly apply his technical expertise to developing Amadeus’
product portfolio with Amadeus Development, Marketing and Operations