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OVDS Unveils Online Reservation for Ferry Passengers

The Norwegian shipping company OVDS has introduced online reservation for its
ferry lines and fast-ferry services in Norway. The reservation and administration
system, BOOKIT, provided by Hogia Ferry Systems, gives OVDS an excellent tool to
control and structure reservations and sales for its many ferry services. OVDS’s ferry
lines consist of a large number of routes with multi-legs, even up to 19 port stops on
one single route.
OVDS’s ferry lines link up an extensive road network in the coast and archipelago area and
therefore consist of many routes with multi-legs. Administering and controlling the ferry lines’
capacity and price structure with all the various price and reservation conditions is an
advanced operation. BOOKIT makes the administration much more efficient, especially given
that BOOKIT has great potential to be further developed to suit the user’s changing needs.
“It also means a lot to our passengers that it is easy for them to reserve a place onboard in
advance, especially on the popular summer routes,” says Ernst Furnes, IT manager at OVDS.
Designed for tomorrow’s needs
The reservation system BOOKIT can be extended to include other tourism services, for
instance, the booking of package holidays which is an important function for OVDS who also
runs other tourism and transport services.
The fact that BOOKIT can be developed for other requirements and services is in line with
Hogia Ferry Systems’ working strategies. Hogia is one of the leading providers within this
market niche and they know the importance of long-term planning.
“Our customers operate in a changing world where the potential for development is a must for
all tools. This means that we in turn must provide stability and long-term solutions. We can
offer our customers precisely the kind of support and service that they need today but we can
also cater for new developments in their business activities,” says Stefan Engelholm,
managing director at Hogia Ferry Systems.