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Galileo Expands Low-Fare Airline Options

Galileo International
today announced that Independence Air’s inventory of over 600 daily low-fare flights serving 39 cities will be available to all Galileo customers worldwide on November 1st.  Galileo is the first GDS to provide Independence Air’s inventory. 

“Galileo has developed technology and commercial booking options to address the distribution strategies of low-fare carriers,” said Ken Esterow, executive vice president, supplier services for Cendant’s Travel Distribution Services division. “We’re pleased to implement the technology that will enable Independence Air to expand the availability of their flights to a worldwide market of 44,000 Galileo-connected travel agency locations.”

“The distribution of Independence Air inventory through Galileo makes our flights even more accessible to travelers, particularly those who travel frequently for business and have been looking forward to experiencing our world-class service for the first time,” said Eric Nordling, senior vice president marketing for Independence Air. “As Independence Air continues to grow, wider distribution through Galileo will become an important component of our future success.”


“Galileo agencies tell us that they want access to comprehensive and relevant content, seamlessly integrated on our desktop.  The agreement with Independence Air addresses this need and provides agencies with a cost-efficient process to shop and book Independence Air,” said Eileen Kennedy, vice president, marketing, Galileo Americas.