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Royal Paradise Hotel Implements Paperless Contracts

With Pelican system, The Royal Paradise Hotel, located in Patong Beach, Phuket - begins to enjoy the ease of paperless contracts concluded with hundreds of travel agents and corporate clients across the world. The switch to paperless has finally come true, through the magic of the Internet!
Pelican System has developed an automated system of spot contracting with agents and corporate clients; online contracting uses an Internet-based database application to accept and instantly confirm reservations made through a hotel’s own website.

In contrast to a standard online reservation system, Pelican online contracting of the agent or corporate client requesting a reservation uses a unique hotel-supplied login / password to confirm their identities, which makes the transaction legally binding. The instant confirmation and secure transmission capabilities of an online contracting system enable a hotel to share room allotments among a large number of agents and clients, accepting reservations on a “first-come, first-served” basis.

Mr Richard T., the Marketing Executive of the Royal Paradise Hotel, has observed that “Now, we can easily deal with hundreds of travel agents and corporate clients. In fact, Pelican System has indeed helped us in reviewing productivity, through its sophisticated design. Deciding room rate and allotments has become easier as the result of not having to go through hundreds of paper documents. Not forgetting to mention, is the prompt and ready after sales technical support by the team of Pelican System’s staffs”.

Pelican System has concluded contracts with hundreds of travel agents, in a “hassle-free” negotiation: instead, what you get is a very fast and low-cost transaction.

Mr. Richard T. adds, “We welcome all agents worldwide, when they wish to register and gain access to our special rates. With Pelican we are now able to provide an equal allotment opportunity to all agents, regardless of size, and provide them with instant confirmation.”