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Health Allied with Beauty at Kurotel Longevity Centre

The Kurotel is the perfect place for you to take care of your body, mind and soul. A place where you will find the sophistication and resources of a hospital, without being a traditional hospital; the comfort of a hotel, without being a traditional hotel; the structure of a beauty clinic and fitness center, without concentrating solely on weight reduction and external beauty. And not merely a spa. The Kurotel is an integrated center capable of treating the client in a whole manner and not just on account of his or her physical appearance.It is a place designed to receive clients and help them to regain their well-being and happiness through some of the most modern technological resources aimed at better healthcare. A place where it is possible to diagnose diseases before they appear, control stress levels, provide weight control and promote the revitalization of the body as a whole.
More than that, it is a place where guests can benefit from a longevity center; have a precise assessment of the risk factors and a complete diagnosis.

The Kurotel philosophy has always had the aim of providing client follow-up 24 hours per day, with the purpose of gaining greater knowledge of each person for monitoring and attending him/her through an interdisciplinary team. Doctors specialized in general clinical medicine, nutrology, geriatrics, homeopathy, cardiology, and orthopedy, besides physical educators, nutritionists, psychologists, physiotherapists, biochemical, pharmacists, beauticians and leisure professionals work together to provide the client a personalized service. 

Guests goals are different:  weight loss, quality of life, relaxation, change of attitudes, anti-aging, quit smoking, plastic surgery recovery, beauty and many   different health concerns and each person is treated according to that.

The Beauty Center offers body and facial therapies, and also thematic and special therapies, inspired in Indonesia, India, Amazonian Forest, Wine-producing area of the south of Brazil, and Chocolate, one of the specialties of Gramado city. There are massages, beauty masks, wraps and baths with products developed with clay, herbs, spices, tropical fruits, plants and aromatic oils. All thoroughly researched and elaborated to intensify the beauty program. 

The programs still offers a variety of physical activities such as: jumping, tread run, stretching, gymnastics, cardio fitness and weights, trekking, aqua aerobic, hydro samba without mentioning the samba class!


Different options of accommodations are available. But always thinking about the needs and desires of its clientele, the Kurotel provides four luxurious Executive Suites each with their own internet, computer and fax machine.

There is also a space dedicated to mothers with children up to four years old. This is part of a program called Kinder Kur. The moms have their treatments without leaving their babies at home.

Kurotel still offers a social and cultural activities and regional sightseeing where it is possible to enjoy all of Gramado’s charms.

Because of the medical work and the personalized service, the Kurotel has received several international recognitions, being considered one of the best of the world. 

This recognition has been portrayed in specialist publications in Asia, Europe, the United States of America and South America. It is the fruit of an national and international clientele that has always believed in serious and pioneering work and despite knowing and having access to the best clinics and spas in the world, have chosen the Kurotel to treat their health and ensure their longevity.

After all, it is never too late to change and no change is forever!