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Long Island Travel Agent picks up prestigious award

A travel agent from the Long Island Chapter of
the Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO) has won CTO’s most prestigious award for
Carol Larocca, who has been a travel agent for some 25 years and who has been a
member of the Chapter for over ten years, was named CTO’s Travel Agent of the Year
at an awards ceremony in Aruba. The ceremony was part of the programme of activities for
the 27th Annual Caribbean Tourism Conference (CTC-27).

“I am so shocked. I am so pleased that CTO has recognized my effort,” Ms. Larocca said.

I have an intense zeal and enthusiasm for the Caribbean and the more I experience it
the closer I feel to it and I will continue to do all that I can to sell the
Caribbean as long as I am a travel agent,”

“In addition to being intimately involved in her Chapter’s programmes, Ms. Larocca,
continues to demonstrate a passionate commitment to the region,” said Hugh Riley,
CTO’s director of marketing for the Americas.

Ms. Larocca has been conducting a series of presentations on the Caribbean to
Chapters across the United States, speaking to them about the region’s music and
culture and every aspect of Caribbean life. She has visited over 30 CTO member
states on multiple occasions and holds certification with many of these countries.


“She produces. She sells the Caribbean,” Riley said.

In addition to actively selling the region, Ms. Larocca serves on CTO’s advisory
council and volunteers during Caribbean Week in New York.