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Travelocity Announces the 2004 Geography Award

Travelocity and The Geographic Education National Implementation Project (GENIP), have named Reach the World, a nonprofit education organization based in New York City, as recipient of the 2004 Travelocity Award for Excellence in Geography Education. The $5,000 award, donated by Travelocity, recognizes those whose work has positively impacted the field of geography education in the United States during the previous year. Established in 1998, Reach the World provides disadvantaged public schools with online journeys that forge meaningful connections between curriculum, students, and travelers. It won for its research study of the question “How do children develop their cognitive understanding of world geography, and their place in it?”

Travelocity will honor Reach the World in Kansas City, Mo., on Oct. 22 during the annual meeting of the National Council for Geographic Education, one of four organizations that composes GENIP.

“Reach the World is clearly advocating geography curriculum for students, particularly those in the crucial elementary school years, and we’re extremely proud to honor them with this award,” said Michelle Peluso, Travelocity’s CEO. “Our goal with this award is to promote geography as a way to break down barriers between people, inspire future travelers to explore their world and share their observations on their return, all while improving geography education.”

“In our high tech, global society, no student should have to learn from a dated textbook alone,” said Heather Halstead, Reach the World’s executive director. “Reach the World’s goal is to become the nation’s organizational link between volunteer travelers and disadvantaged schools. Our vision is that one day all schools, in all communities, will have the resources, training and research-based evidence they need to incorporate ‘connected learning’ into the curriculum as an essential teaching tool.”