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Valtech Formalizes Travel Technology Practice

Valtech has officially formalized its
travel technology line of business. Over the years, Valtech has become a
strong player in the travel technology arena, providing automation
solutions to many of the major US airlines, rental car, hotel, and travel
distribution companies. “Since our inception, we have been quite successful delivering technology
solutions to the travel sector. As a result, Valtech has leveraged this
knowledge and experience by formalizing its skills, staff, and messaging
in order to continue to deliver world-class results to the travel
industry,” states Melissa Meeker, Director of Marketing at Valtech.

The travel industry is laden with legacy technology and processes that
aren’t necessarily intuitive. Travel related companies want to do business
with vendors that understand and appreciate these nuances.

“Within the travel fraternity, Valtech has been somewhat of a well kept
secret,” adds Bob Schmidt, President of CubeSmart Consulting, well known
in the travel industry for strategic planning and technology innovation.
“Although they have been consistently delivering air, car, and hotel
solutions for almost a decade, they haven’t really been properly
recognized as the travel experts they are.”