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World class surfing set to come to Barbados

World class surfers, including Brian Talma, will gather at the Caribbean’s #1 surfing spot, the Soup Bowl on the Northeast Atlantic coast of Barbados, this November, for the 7th Annual Independence Pro Surfing Classic. 
On November 13 and 14, 2004, surfers from the United States, Jamaica, Martinique, Guadeloupe, Trinidad, and the US Virgin Islands will match their lefts and rights with top local surfing talent to compete for a prize of US $10,000.

The Barbados Surfing Association (BSA) has hosted this competition for the past six years, which has challenged world-class surfers such as Kelly Slater, Asher Nolan and Dylan Greaves. The BSA is also currently celebrating its 21st Anniversary as the officially recognized National Governing Body for the sport of surfing in Barbados.


“The BSA strives to promote the sport of surfing in all its forms in Barbados,” said Nicholas Donawa, President, Barbados Surfing Association. “We are proud to host this competition in Bathsheba and welcome some of the world’s best surfers to our shores”.



Past winners have included Dylan Greaves, the Puerto Rican “wonder-kid”, who won in 2003, 2002 champion Asher Nolan and Kelly Slater, the six-time ASP (WHAT IS THE ASP?) World Champion, who won in 2001.


Local hometown hero, Mark Holder, managed to secure a win in the early days of the Pro Surfing Classic, but has only come as close as 4th in recent competitions.


The Soup Bowl in Bathsheba, on the island’s rocky North East Coast, is a favorite spot for surfers and has been rated the Caribbean’s #1 surfing spot by countries such as the United States, England, Japan, France, Brazil, Portugal, South Africa, and Ecuador.