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Kwickee Launches Mobile Information Exchange

Today, Kwickee launches a mobile information exchange.
The platform enables mobile phone owners to browse and purchase
entertainment and reference based content including ‘how to’ guides, facts,
reviews, soap operas, life experiences and adult material. Kwickee also
features more unique content such as guides on how to successfully buy
lingerie for a girlfriend or the humorous diary of a thirty something
divorced mother of three.

Over 100,000 pieces of the most diverse information are already available,
which can be delivered straight to a mobile phone as a picture and up to 800
words priced between 50p and £1.50p.

Anyone can contribute a Kwickee to the data-base by simply registering at, and following the style guide.  Once a piece of written work is
submitted and accepted, professional editors (ex BBC, Time Out and Vogue)
edit the work and make it available for download via the Kwickee mobile
internet and website.

Large brands and publishers can also monetise their off-line content by
making it available through the Kwickee mobile information exchange.  At
launch, NetDoctor, View London, New Carnet and Business Hotline Publications
will all have content available as a Kwickee.

Because Kwickee is based on a revenue share model, each time a Kwickee is
downloaded, the author or content owner, editor and Kwickee all get


Mike Grenville, Kwickee Chairman and founder of mobile messaging forum 160

“Now that most mobile phones have good quality colour screens and with GPRS
providing reasonable download speeds, the mobile phone is increasingly being
used to access a wide range of information on the move.

“A key factor in the take up of both SMS and the internet is the ease with
which users can share their own content.  By enabling anyone to publish but
with the added value of professional editing, Kwickee is set to be at the
forefront of the growth of mobile information services.”