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Oman Air Systems Selects Shepherd Systems’ Claritym

Shepherd Systems and Oman Air today announced an agreement that provides Oman Air with access to Shepherd’s Clarity. Clarity is a cost-effective marketing intelligence system utilizing MIDT (Market Information Data Transfer) data to provide fact-based, concise and strategic market intelligence. This system enables the carriers to better understand market dynamics and assists with critical network and sales planning decisions.ÊÊClarity utilizes processed booking and market-share data for an airline’s top 50 markets extracted from major Global Distribution Systems’ MIDT, and displays this data in an array of customizable, intuitive and easy-to-understand reports.Ê This browser-based, on-line system can be accessed over the Web anytime, anywhere, eliminating the need for expensive hardware upgrades or implementations.

In addition to tracking the market performance of an airline and its competitors, Clarity can be used to monitor trends, future projections and market share goals, enabling the carrier to take appropriate action in a timely manner.Ê As airlines continue to be challenged with a difficult economic environment, this system bolsters an airline’s ability to plan and execute with confidence, by focusing on the MIDT data essential to a regional airline.

“By enabling easy access to the market intelligence provided by Clarity, we are better positioned to know the direction of the markets that are of importance to us, directly impacting our day-to-day approach to our overall business and sales force initiatives,” said Abdul Rahman Al Busaidy, CEO of Oman Air.Ê “Having the ability to simultaneously reduce expenses, increase revenue and lower revenue loss with the information provided by one product, made it an obvious implementation decision for us, and one that we are confident will have a direct effect on our bottom line.”Ê

“Clarity levels the playing field for small or regional airlines to efficiently and effectively compete for market share, with relevant, fact-based information to identify new revenue opportunities while keeping a pulse on the performance of existing accounts,” said Flo Lugli, senior vice president of Airline Solutions for Cendant’s Travel Distribution Services and general manager, Shepherd Systems. “Clarity represents a significant, cost-effective market intelligence breakthrough for smaller carriers, which are now equipped to better concentrate their efforts.