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YOTEL | A New Concept Hotel Launching At 100% Design 2004

Not satisfied with turning the UK restaurant industry upside down with YO! Sushi and its healthy, elegant fast food concept, YO! is turning its attention to hotels with the launch of YOTEL
at 100% Design this September. With the signature YO! combination of radical change and entertainment, YOTEL is a revolutionary hotel concept destined to deliver the industry a wake-up call.Offering its customers the quality of a 4/5 star hotel for around £75 a night in central London, Managing Director Gerard Greene says “YOTEL is the world’s most revolutionary hotel concept offering luxury accommodation at an affordable price. It is not enough that a hotel is designed well; people want to be excited when they stay at a hotel, they want things to work, to be treated like a first class traveller but they also want value for money. We have been bold enough to take steps that no other hotel product has taken before and therefore are able offer a first class travel experience comparable to a luxury yacht or private aircraft.”

Designed by Priestman Goode, who has helped Airbus define the double deck aircraft of the future, the rooms feature rotating beds, techno walls, sophisticated lighting, flat screen TV complete with a choice of hundred’s of films and CD’s and wi-fi access. It’s luxury liner meets The Fifth Element in 10 sq metres.

However, the truly revolutionary element of YOTEL is its windows, which are internal rather than external - they look into the corridors, which are in turn naturally lit through reflective mechanisms and channelling of light. This allows YOTEL to boldly go where other hotels simply can’t - tricky central city locations, airports, even underground. The reduced land costs and savings can then be passed on to customers to offer a first class experience at an affordable price.

Revolutionary it is and this is no small thanks to the involvement of YO! Sushi founder Simon Woodroffe. Woodroffe broke all the rules when starting YO! Sushi (he got Brits to eat raw fish from a moving conveyor belt) and believes that London and indeed the world will embrace YOTEL with the same enthusiasm. “There is a criminal lack of superior quality but reasonably priced hotel accommodation in London and throughout major cities worldwide. That’s what people want and YOTEL will deliver it.”

Staying with the airline travel concept, YOTEL will feature electronic check in/out facilities to improve the speed of starting or ending your stay and the reduced need for service staff will also help keep the prices down.