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Sabre Airlines’ Carrier Community Addresses Industry’s Top IT Need

Sabre Airline Solutions’ Carrier Community Addresses Industry’s Top IT

Sabre Airline Solutions

announced another successful round of discussions at its annual

SabreSonic Customer Community Regional Forums.The SabreSonic Customer Community includes representatives from more than

100 airlines from 23 countries around the world. The community has been


active for more than 25 years, with annual regional meetings held in

European and Asia-Pacific locations as well as the Americas in order to be

closer to the customers.

The objective of these sessions is to help define product strategy for

reservations, inventory, departure control and Internet booking engine

systems. During the past three decades, these gatherings have formalised

into a well-defined community governance structure and process, ensuring

that both the global and regional priorities of airlines are reflected in

product plans and development.


“The SabreSonic Customer Community provides us with the opportunity to be

heard and determine, by working together, the development and application

of new technology to meet the market challenges we are faced with today and

into the future, ” said Maria Tofaridou, head of application support,

Cyprus Airways. “By being an active participant in this process ultimately

assists Cyprus Airways in having the right tools to better service our



Aldo Borg, head of seat control and distribution, Air Malta, also noted the

benefits of participating in a community model.  “It is of great value to

Air Malta that we have some say over the direction of technology

enhancements that will assist with our daily operations. Through our

participation in the Net conferences, attendance in the regional planning

workshops, and contribution on the global advisory board, we are better

able to understand the organisation and influence its ability to both meet

our long-term needs and address our immediate challenges.”


The guiding principles of the SabreSonic Customer Community governance

programme place the emphasis on product development and enhancement based

on both global and regional input.

“The community governance model is a democratic platform for the exchange

of ideas throughout the year,” said Vinay Dube, vice president of Sabre

Airline Solutions, Europe Middle-East and Africa. “Airlines communicate

about their needs with each other—and with Sabre Airline Solutions—

before, during and after the event. It’s really an exciting process to see

the airlines collaborate to govern the technology spend. We even see

several airlines join forces to strengthen their vote. Collectively,

smaller airlines can have a well-represented voice along with the larger



Throughout the year, airlines come together at various events to help

provide recommendations about product decisions and discuss ways to better

utilise the products. Four primary forums facilitate collaboration among

members of the user community: