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Northwest Proposal Will Violate Worldspan Agreements

Worldspan, L.P. said today that
Northwest Airlines’ plan to charge United States and Canadian travel
agencies a “Shared GDS Fee” on Northwest travel in the U.S. would violate
agreements Worldspan has with Northwest.
Northwest’s proposed “Shared GDS Fee” would also amount to a hidden fare
increase to consumers and corporations and undermine a healthy and
competitive agency distribution channel that provides comprehensive
choices in air travel. Worldspan remains committed to vigorously
protecting the interests of its traditional and online travel agency
customers who play a vital role serving consumers, corporations and the
travel industry.

Worldspan is shocked by Northwest’s announcement. Based on its agreements
with Northwest, Worldspan firmly believes that the fees Northwest says it
intends to bill to travel agencies cannot be charged to Worldspan’s
traditional or online travel agencies.

Northwest’s position that they need to lower their distribution costs is
precisely what led Worldspan to enter into a long-term agreement with
Northwest in September of 2003 to help them do just that.

Worldspan intends to remain in full compliance with its agreements with
Northwest, and expects Northwest to do the same. Worldspan is prepared to
take all appropriate steps to enforce its agreements with Northwest and
prevent breaches of these agreements.