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Champagne Moutard Compliments Intelligent Luxury at Soneva Resort - Maldives

Soneva Gili and Soneva Fushi, renowned for their Intelligent Luxury approach to the finer things in life, is being joined by France’s Champagne Moutard for a week of sparkling events at each of the resorts.From mid-September 2004, Martine Couet of Champagne Moutard, will introduce Champagne, Eau de Vie and Liqueurs to the guests of the resorts. The various events will include Champagne Cocktails beneath the stars, with Soneva’s No News No Shoes philosophy to heighten the luxury of the event, Champagne Sunset Cruises aboard Ever Sonever So Comfy; plus Royal Champagne Degustation Dinners and tastings.

Champagne Moutard is a family owned company and has been growing grapes just south of Troyes, France since 1642. Today the company own 21 hectares of vineyards. For the past 200 years, members of the family have striven to maintain the traditional grape varieties once used in the production of champagne. Under the guidance of Francois Moutard these traditional roots have been turned into a unique project and the company is the only one producing a champagne style that goes back more than a century.

Champagne is normally produced using three grape varieties; Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier. However, Cuvée Aux Six Cépages 2000 is a blend of equal parts of Pinot Blanc, Arbane, Petit Meslier as well as the universally accepted varieties, and has been described by leading wine critic Tom Stevenson as ‘truly unique’. Guests will be invited to indulge in these outstanding tasting experiences.

For dates and details of the events, and reservations please contact the resorts directly:

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