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easyJet Welcomes AUC Report Findings

has once again welcomed the most recent annual report by the Air Transport Users Council, the consumer arm of the UK Civil Aviation Authority.Unlike some other low-cost airlines, easyJet claims it has always enjoyed a positive working relationship with the AUC, valuing the feedback that it receives.

Complaints about easyJet represent only one complaint for every 126,000 passengers carried during the year - or one complaint for every 1,050 flights operated by easyJet!

According to easyjet the AUC makes a comment about the number of flight cancellations by low-cost airlines but declines to name those airlines. To avoid being “tarred with the same brush” as some of our competitors, it is worth noting that the easyJet cancellation rate in the 12 months to March 2004 was 5.75 flights in every thousand. British Airways by comparison in the same period cancelled 14.8 flights in every thousand.

easyjet states It is ironic that the AUC points the finger at the low-cost airlines given that BA was forced to cancel hundreds of flights following strike action at London Heathrow in July 2003.

Ray Webster, easyJet Chief Executive, said: “We take the issue of cancelling flights exceptionally seriously and it is only ever done as an absolute last resort - we stand by our customers. We are trying to change the industry to follow our lead, but we cannot control everything in the aviation supply chain and I am concerned about the commitment of other parties - striking workers, air traffic control inefficiencies etc - to ensure that customers get to their destination on time.”