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Continental and ALPA Announce Pilot Recall

Continental Airlines and the
Air Line Pilots Association (ALPA) today announced the recall by
Continental of at least 240 pilots from furlough by the middle of next
spring, pending a special Recall Agreement between Continental and ALPA.
Pilot recalls are expected to occur at the rate of about 30 per month, the
maximum feasible number given the company’s available training facilities.
These recalls are in addition to 197 pilots recalled by Continental since
January 2004. There are currently 436 Continental pilots on furlough.

The Recall Agreement, which outlines the way the pilots return to work, is
the culmination of the joint efforts of Continental and ALPA working
together to ensure that the recall is handled in a manner that is
efficient and provides the best return to work opportunities for pilots.

“This recall has been facilitated by ALPA’s ability to work with us on the
terms of the recall,” said Continental President and Chief Operating
Officer Larry Kellner. “Together we have created a solution that gets the
majority of our furloughed pilots back to work.”

“Our current cooperative relationship of working together with management
continues to pay dividends for our pilots and our airline,” said Captain
Jay Panarello, chairman of the CAL Master Executive Council of the Air
Line Pilots Association, which represents the Continental pilots.
“Continental President Larry Kellner and his team are to be commended for
addressing our staffing concerns.”

“We are pleased to welcome our pilots back to our flight decks,” said
Capt. Debbie McCoy, Continental’s senior vice president flight operations.