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GlobalPass Introduces New Home Page

today unveiled a new home page as part of a redesign of the GlobalPass Web site.ÊThe homepage now consists of an easy-to-navigate menu, detailed information about the program’s components and a user-friendly log-in button for new and current customers.Ê This is the first part of a major redesign of the Web site to make it easier for GlobalPass’ customers to access their account information and complete transactions online.

“We created a user-friendly home page that enables our customers to easily find the information they need to book their travel and earn and redeem miles while doing so,” said Guy Booth, president and CEO of GlobalPass.Ê “We will roll out other components of the Web site redesign, including a new booking engine, over the next couple of months.”

GlobalPass customers earn miles when purchasing airline tickets through the GlobalPass online booking engine, which provides access to nearly 500 airlines worldwide.Ê In addition, GlobalPass customers earn miles when they fly on affiliated airlines, rent vehicles from one of the participating rental-car companies, stay at a participating hotel or shop at the GlobalPass online shopping mall.