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Charley could hit Jamaica tonight

Jamaica and the Cayman Islands are preparing themselves for the tropical storm they are calling Charley as it sails across the Caribbean region just behind the weaker Bonnie. Charley could turn into a Hurricane by Friday. At around 8am EDT this morning Charley carried 115 miles southeast of Kingston. It is thought that the storm could bring between 3-6 inches of rain.

Charley is at present travelling at 65 mph, roughly 9 mph below the cap to be warranted a Hurricane.

The National Hurricane Centre in Miami reports that Charley has shifted its track more towards the north. This means that the storm is expected to make a direct hit on Jamaica tonight. Intensity forecast shows that when it makes landfall on the southwest coast of Jamaica that it would be a category one hurricane.

“Cayman Brac and Little Cayman are expected to experience heavy wave action and rough seas on all coasts. Waves of 12 to 15 feet are expected,” a government warning statement said.