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Eclipse Internet Launches Public Wi-Fi service

Eclipse Internet
  is planning to offer roaming Internet access with its new Public Wi-Fi service.The service, which Eclipse expects to launch in September, will give its customers
broadband access whilst on the move.

It will be offered as an extension to the company’s FLEX Broadband product family and will provide up to 11Mbps download speed. It will be available nationwide at a wide range of wireless broadband access sites.

Jomie Carmichael, co-founder and director of Eclipse Internet, said: “Wireless broadband is a rapidly-growing market.  Over the past 18 months there has been a significant increase in the number of staff who work away from their base office - often in airport lounges, hotel lobbies, railway station concourses or restaurants. Many of these areas are now equipped with BT Openzone access points enabling ‘on the move’ staff to keep in touch with their office as well as viewing and answering their email messages”.

Carmichael added: “Our new product is designed to compliment the BT Openzone infrastructure and BT have chosen Eclipse as one of the first ISPs to provide a third-party Internet service to its customers.”

Chris Clark, CEO BT Wireless Broadband, said: “We see an enormous opportunity for ISPs to take advantage of thousands of BT Openzone access points that we have installed across the UK- and new sites are being signed up every day. By enhancing its unique FLEX Broadband product family with the addition of wireless broadband access, Eclipse is continuing its philosophy of being first to market with innovative products.”


Wireless broadband can be used by any company staff to stay in touch when they need to be away from their office desk. It enables them to have direct access to the company’s secure network as long as they are within 50-100m range of a BT Openzone location.