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US Airways Previews Pittsburgh Fall Schedule

US Airways
representatives met with Pittsburgh-area officials today to reassure them
that the airline will continue to offer nonstop service in its fall
schedule to the most popular destinations for travel from Western
With the Nov. 4, 2004, schedule, US Airways and US Airways Express
tentatively plan to continue to operate about 240 daily nonstop departures
at Pittsburgh to about 65 markets.

“Customers who originate their travel in Pittsburgh will be able to
continue to fly US Airways conveniently to the most popular destinations
for local travelers,” said Christopher L. Chiames, US Airways senior vice
president of Corporate Affairs. “We plan to operate nonstop service in 28
of the top 30 markets served today from Pittsburgh, and will remain the
airport’s largest carrier.”

Chiames said that a detailed schedule will not be available until mid- to
late August, when it is filed and the flights are available for sale
through the airline and travel agents. Until that time, it is doubtful
that the full details will be released. The proposed schedule is
contingent on several factors, including the continued delivery of new
regional jets, as planned. Furthermore, the decision to maintain
turbo-prop service from Pittsburgh to some small cities is dependent on
contracted airlines continuing to provide that service. Those affiliate
carriers fly as US Airways Express, but they are independent carriers, and
may choose to change their service patterns at Pittsburgh.

As US Airways transitions to its new fall schedule, there will be a slight
reduction of service for the months August-October, primarily because
affiliate carriers are reducing or eliminating service. For example,
Shuttle America announced that it would discontinue Pittsburgh-Toledo
service effective Aug. 1, 2004, and Air Midwest announced that it will
discontinue Pittsburgh-Reading service on Sept. 5, 2004.

Under the proposed schedule in development, US Airways could operate about
70 mainline departures, 80 regional-jet departures, 25 wholly owned
turbo-prop departures and 65 affiliate turbo-prop departures. Today, US
Airways operates 107 mainline flights, 122 regional jet flights, 53 wholly
owned turbo-prop flights and 91 affiliate turbo-prop flights at
Pittsburgh, serving 102 destinations with nonstop flights.


“For the October through January period, Pittsburgh will still operate
more or less like a traditional airline hub, but with less flying and
fewer destinations,” said Chiames. “We will continue to transition
Pittsburgh in 2005, but we see our service being maintained to the top
business and leisure market destinations so that travelers wanting to get
to and from Pittsburgh will have convenient options.”