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Top Executive Joins Teda Travel Group

Teda Travel Group, announced today it has appointed Mr. Tim Gao, as
its Chief Executive Officer of the Teda Hotels Management Company Limited,
a wholly owned subsidiary of Teda Travel Group. Mr. Gao is well respected
in the hotel management industry in China and brings more than 15 years of
operating experience in hotel management to the Group.
Mr. Gao said, ‘‘I am glad to have joined Teda Travel Group, Inc. The
Company has great ambitions and has established excellent networks in
China, putting itself in a position to succeed at the highest levels. The
road to success is long and tedious, but I can see a very bright future
with the Group. We are moving full speed ahead with our acquisition plan
and I expect we’ll be sharing good news with our shareholders in the near

Prior to joining Teda, Mr. Gao was Chief Executive Officer and General
Manager of the Orient Hotel Management Company Limited, a wholly owned
subsidiary of Bank of China (Holdings) Limited, the largest banking
institution in China. Under Mr. Gao’s leadership, Orient Hotel Management
Company has become China’s top 3 Hotel Management Company, which manages
19 hotels and commercial properties throughout China.

Madame Zhi ying Chang, Chairlady of Teda Travel Group, said, ‘‘We are
moving quickly within the hotel management and travel related sector in
China. With Tim’s background and experience, I am certain he will guide us
swiftly through the implementation of our acquisition strategy. We look
forward to posting a great performance in the hotel management division
under his leadership.’’

Mr. Gao, also serves as Vice President of China Hotel Association, is
widely regarded as the founder of the Dynamic Human Resources Management
Model in China, and one of founders of the Oriental Jasper Hotel Brand.

Mr. Gao stated, ‘‘In China the travel industry is an over $50 billion
market and expanding about 15% per year. Spurred by the booming Chinese
economy, the Chinese leisure and business travel sector will continue to
grow not only from domestic tourism but also from international


Godfrey Hui, CEO of Teda Travel Group, said, ‘‘With the Olympics in 2008
and the Shanghai Word Expo in 2010, we see immediate and dramatic growth
not only in our industry, but within the Group as well. With Tim’s leading
our Hotel Operations division, and with the combined hospitality and
travel expertise of the entire Group, I’m certain we’re going to take our
operations to the next level.’’

He earned his MS Degree from the School of Foreign Service, at Georgetown
University, Washington DC and his MA Degree in Social Psychology at the
College of Arts and Sciences, State University of New York at Albany. Mr.
Gao additionally earned a DPA Degree at the Graduate School of Public
Administration, New York University (private).

Starting his career in the hotel business in 1989, Mr. Gao worked his way
up from Training Manager at Shangri la and Sheraton, to Director of Human
Resources at Holiday Inn and Meritus, to Deputy General Manager and Acting
GM at Gloria Hotel Suzhou. Mr. Gao earned the position of Group Director
of Human Resources and Vice President of Project Development at Gloria
International, and finally to the position of CEO of the Orient Hotel
Management Company Ltd.