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Orbitz Unveils Seat Availability Flight Compare Tool

Orbitz, Inc.
today unveiled the industry’s first
seat-map feature that lets travelers compare flight options by seat
availability when reviewing fares and itineraries. “For most travelers, where they sit on the plane is essential to a good
flight experience. But until now, users had to select a flight or purchase
a ticket before they could pick a seat,” said John Samuel, executive vice
president of Consumer Travel at Orbitz. “Not only does Orbitz provide more
travel options, but our new seat map feature makes finding the perfect
flight a snap because we’re giving travelers more information early in the
purchase process.”

Orbitz’s new feature displays available first class and economy cabin
seats, including premium economy. To use the tool, Orbitz users click the
“view seats” link displayed on the first results page of a flight search.
From there, customers can purchase the flight or view seating options on
other available flights.

Orbitz’s seat-map feature is available to
and Orbitz for
Business customers.