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Hawaiian Gets Personal With digEplayer

Starting in August, Hawaiian
Airlines’ award-winning in-flight service will set a new standard of
quality for travel to Hawaii with the introduction of the digEplayer
personal entertainment system. Developed by APS, the digEplayer is the
world’s first self-contained portable audio/video on demand in-flight
entertainment system. Hawaiian will be the first airline to offer the digEplayer on transpacific
flights to Hawaii; Sydney, Australia; Pago Pago, American Samoa; and
Papeete, Tahiti. Customers will enjoy a wide range of entertainment to
select from, including 10-15 first-run, full-length movies; 8-10 short
subjects or situation comedies; 20 music videos; and 100 audio tracks. The
battery- powered, lightweight (3 lbs.) unit fits comfortably on a seatback
tray or customer’s lap, and will be available free in First Class and for
a $10 rental fee in Coach Cass, subject to availability.

“We are extremely excited that Hawaiian Airlines has decided to make
digEplayer the first choice of onboard entertainment for its passengers,”
said Bill Boyer, Chairman and Founder of APS, Inc. “We are equally excited
that Hawaiian Airlines will be the first airline to use the digEplayer in
wide body aircraft.”

Hawaiian is purchasing 1,500 digEplayers from APS following a very
successful two-month test run earlier this year.

Gordon Locke, Hawaiian’s Senior Vice President of Marketing and Sales,
commented, “The response by our customers to the digEplayer was
phenomenal. The units were an immediate hit and sold out on every flight
we tested them on. Customers raved about having their own personal
entertainment system and the freedom to pick and choose movies, TV shows,
and music that matched their interests. Parents especially liked how the
systems kept their children entertained during the flight.”

Locke added that the digEplayer builds on the superb quality of service
that Hawaiian brings to the Hawaii travel experience. “When you combine
our award-winning in-flight service and industry-leading on-time
reliability, Hawaiian is already providing travelers with the best
available flight experience to Hawaii. But we’re always looking for ways
to improve. The digEplayer will make a flight aboard Hawaiian and the
experience of traveling to and from Hawaii that much more enjoyable.”


In addition to the digEplayer, Hawaiian will continue to provide
transpacific customers its full complement of onboard entertainment
currently being offered. This includes a first-run, full-length movie for
a headset rental fee, a variety of music and audio channels, and special
in-flight videos produced by Hawaiian that highlight the people, culture,
and islands of Hawaii.

The digEplayer 5500 (TM) is the world’s first portable,
Audio/Video-On-Demand, In-flight entertainment system. The newest versions
of the player can now hold over 60 full length feature movies and 10 hours
of dynamic music content from DMX In Flight and In Flight Dublin available
on demand for the airline passenger. Current content comes from 20th
Century Fox, Warner Brothers and Buena Vista. Each unit contains a
40-gigabyte hard drive and utilizes the latest technology licensed from
e.Digital Corp (O/S and engineering), DivX (compression) and DRM
(security). The digEplayer is a cost efficient means for the airlines to
provide a variety of entertainment options from first run movies and
television shows to music videos, destination information.