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Its a Dog’s Life…. at the Spa

Louis Vuitton carry-case and designer

dog clothes are no longer enough to show your

pooch you care. Celebrity dog lovers like

Pamela Anderson are rushing their pets to Las

Ventanas al Paraiso Resort in Los Cabos, Mexico.


The $3000-a-night charge includes stress-

reducing full body dog massages, signature dish

Rin Tin Tin (shredded braised beef and steamed

rice) served on a private patio, gazing

through a personal dog telescope at the sea,

or napping in a private dog cabana.

Dog owners who can’t escape the Hollywood

rat-race take their dogs for a stay at LA’s

St. Regis hotel where dogs can relax on a

custom-made mahogany dog bed with soft

pillows, drink from bowls of Evian water and

even lounge poolside with a special dog

pool attendant.