Breaking Travel News Offers a Top Five List of Exotic Destinations
has announced exotic destinations for travelers looking to depart from the ordinary. Vacations to Fiji, Tobago, Lima, Buenos Aires, and the Canary Islands allow travelers to experience something different at an affordable price.
“One of the trends in travel is turning toward tourism that fully immerses travelers in the environment, culture, or heritage of the place being visited,” states Sue Bruns, Vice President of’s Vacation Travel Division. “And for many travelers, there’s no better way to do so than to take the road less traveled and visit destinations less touristy.”

Destination 1: Fiji

Fiji may be the perfect destination for travelers interested in relaxing under the sun, without the typical beach experience. Travelers will find an unspoiled, exotic environment of beauty and tranquility, where they can relax on 625 miles of sparkling white sand beaches and explore fabulous coral gardens and lagoons. The most “tourists” travelers will encounter may be fellow divers exploring the famous Rainbow Reef or Great White Wall.


Destination 2: Tobago


Tobago, known as the home of Daniel Defoe’s Robinson Crusoe, is also famous for its inland jungle with exotic wildlife and luxuriant vegetation. Its pristine landscape offers miles of hiking trails through dense rain forest. Unlike Trinidad, its bustling sibling island, Tobago is a mellow escape. In fact, the local Trinidadians take weekend getaways in Tobago to enjoy the wide sandy beaches. Plus, its location in the Caribbean helps travelers feel worlds away without leaving home too far behind.


Destination 3: Lima

History, culture, and breathtaking sights characterize Lima, Peru and the Peruvian Amazon.Ê Known as the “City of Kings,” Lima was once the capital of Spain’s South American Empire. While today, the city requires some sifting and exploring to uncover its treasures, Lima deserves more than a brief stop on the way into the Amazon Jungle or Andes Mountains. But no Lima vacation would be complete without a trek to Pachacámac, Cusco, and Machu Picchu.Ê 11thHour Lima Packages

Destination 4: Buenos Aires

Despite its size and modern high rises, Buenos Aires has managed to preserve old traditions and charming corners. Travelers will enjoy the individuality of each of its neighborhoods, the cordiality of its people, and its wide selection of cultural opportunities, blending European and Latin influences. While there, travelers can venture into the Argentinean countryside to explore the Andes mountain range or Iguazu Falls area. 11thHour Buenos Aires Packages

Destination 5: Canary Islands

This picturesque group of islands is believed by some historians to be the original site of Atlantis. For centuries, the Canaries were the stepping-stones between Europe, Africa, and the Americas. But it wasn’t until the 19th century that hotels began to spring up on Tenerife, the largest of the islands. Since, development has spread, but the archipelago still retains its untouched paradisiacal qualities that have earned it accolades for centuries.